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23 more days until I am back in England :)
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23 more days until I am back in England :)

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Apr 19, 2014

today at the bookstore…

Some rules for customers.
Or allow to me to vent for a moment if you will…
     I have found that Sundays seem to bring out the most unpleasant customers.
And that they always seem to be dressed in their Sunday finest.
Sunday customers - smile, it’s ok.
     It should be a law that if you are in public, interacting with a human being,  that you should stop your phone conversation, stop texting,
but do make actual eye contact and verbally communicate with
the person standing in front of you, trying to do their job.
     If you choose to write “see ID” on the back of your credit card
then please have said ID ready for me to see and please do act put out
when I ask for it. I’m only asking because you asked me to.
(ps and btw writing “see ID” on your card is really just an urban myth anyway, check with your card company but most credit cards waive charges if your card is stolen)
     More and more customers choose to use their email on their smart phone to present a coupon rather than printing it out. That’s perfectly fine but  smart phone using customers should have the coupon already pulled up on their phone and ready to go when it’s their turn to buy books. Please don’t make  me and the ten customers behind you wait for several agonizing minutes while you search through all of your emails for that elusive coupon.
     Sometimes kids are the best customers of all but then again sometimes kids are just brats running wild. If your kids are the latter than please, please, please keep them under your control! It’s no fun for anyone of the rest of us to listen to screaming, whining, having things thrown around or at us or to put the pieces back together of anything and everything that they have torn apart while you were
looking the other way. I’m a bookseller, not a babysitter. Thank you.
     And finally, have your payment ready to go, be polite and courteous and we will all get along just fine, I promise :)                                            Ok, got that off my chest, thank you so much!

Apr 18, 2014

at my other job…

In addition to the bookstore job I also work a greeting card merchandising job. It’s usually not as entertaining and it involves more straight forward work your butt off and get it done kind of days. But it does have it moments…like a few days ago when a man asked for help finding a birthday card for a woman who, and I quote, “is not my girl but we hook it sometimes”. How romantic. And he settled on a very nice To Someone Special card by the way…

Apr 17, 2014
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today at the bookstore…

I met an enchantress…imageI learned how to make paper flowers :)imageand I discovered another secret message in the breakroom…image

last year…
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last year…

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Apr 13, 2014

today at the bookstore…

It’s always great fun when you work a shift with some of your favorite co-workers
who can turn an innocent conversation into one about whips and chains and bondage.
And when laughter turns to laughs with snorts. That’s the best.
Waited on a middle aged man who looked as if he had just finished working on cars but
was buying a series of romance novels. You truly can not judge a book by it’s cover ;-)
One of the best customers ever - a 70 year old woman telling me of her dream of a trip
to Paris. She’s due for surgery soon (one of several that she’s had due to an accident with
a semi several years ago). She’s buried her parents, buried her son when he was only in his
30s, she helped put her ex-husband through dental school. She said that she’s always dreamed
of visiting Paris and has a whole fantasy in her head of meeting a mysterious stranger, a
Frenchman, of being whisked away. I said “you should go!”. She said “I like you!”. And we
talked of Paris for as long as we could until it was time to help other customers. I hope
that her dream comes true and she gets to take that trip one day.

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Apr 10, 2014
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"Have you ever been kissed by someone that makes you tingle all over and forget everything around you?" I was asked recently. "oh yes" I replied " I have been". To which my friend replied "I haven’t." She went on to say that she loves her husband but there’s just never been a spark between them. But she’s keeping a secret which is that every time she sees a friend of theirs she feels head over heels in love but that there’s nothing she can do about it. She’s married, he’s married, he doesn’t know that she feels this way. But it makes her happy when he’s around and she holds on to that.
In my experience, and I’m sure it’s not the same for everyone, my most passionate love affairs have also been the most volatile. I’ve had fireworks and chemistry and been over the moon in love but without a firm foundation to stand on. And I’ve had steady trustworthy dependable lovers with whom there was no spark. Is it possible to find both in one person I wonder…?
I think sometimes of a man that I dated in my 20s. He picked lilacs for me and we listened to Pink Floyd and I remember a summer night standing in a field and the feel of the breeze on my skin and his arms around me. We had love but no future, we drifted apart.
There were other boyfriends. Some were good men, some not so much. Some I remember fondly and some I am glad time has left behind. There was once a man that I loved to the point of losing myself who I found out later had cheated on me, lied to me and stolen from me. But there was another who was sweet and kind and we parted as friends.
Today I am thinking of my first love. This is his birthday and I hope that the years have been treating him well. He was once a diver and a fisherman who lived at sea for weeks at a time. I was antsy and adventurous and had so much that I wanted to do in life. We were young and in love and I broke his heart. We stood in the rain one night and I told him that I had to leave and his tears mixed with the raindrops on his cheeks. Through the years we’ve been in touch from time to time and I still think that one day…maybe…
So yes, I have been kissed like that. I have felt love and lust and romance and passion. And even with the great pain that great passion brings I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Apr 8, 2014

today at the bookstore…

During a discussion of Sunday night’s season finale of the Walking Dead my co-worker says to me “oh yeah, did I tell you that I met Michael Rooker?” Michael Rooker! As in Merle from the Walking Dead! Last weekend she drove 600+ miles to Louisville (yes, my Louisville, totally random fact), attended the Wizard World comic con and met Michael Rooker. Yep. So I said to her “you are officially the most interesting person that I have talked to today.” Including the cute little girl wearing pink bunny rabbit ears. And that is the truth.

the business of life is the acquisition of memory…in the end that’s all there is
Downton Abbey (Carson)
Apr 7, 2014